The school started its activities as a Young Cadet club in 1994. The Young Cadet school “Lūšiukai” was founded in 2005.

In September of 2012 the school was transformed from a non-formal education institution into a general education school, which provides basic, secondary and non-formal education together with the Law and Military Basics curriculum. Its work is based on the concept of land cadet education.

In 2013, the school was named General Povilas Plechavičius Cadet School, and in 2015 – General Povilas Plechavičius Cadet Lyceum.

This is the only lyceum in Lithuania based on the concept of land cadet education, approved by the Minister of Education of the Republic of Lithuania on 16 November by order no. V-1586.

Point 6 of Part III of the Concept states that cadets study not only according to general secondary education programs (grades 5-12), but also Law and Military programs and acquire the basics of law and warfare.

The founders of General Povilas Plechavičius Cadet Lyceum are the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania and Kaunas City Municipality.

General Povilas Plechavičius Cadet Lyceum is attended by students not only from Kaunas, but also from other Lithuanian cities and municipalities.

Educational activities at the Cadet Lyceum take place from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The Cadet Lyceum is open five days a week. Following the concept of land cadet education, military hikes are organized on Saturdays, and the agenda is approved by the Lyceum Council.

Under the programs of primary and secondary education, the Lyceum provides conditions for students to learn and be respected in a healthy and safe environment. School personnel ensure an appropriate and timely response to bullying and violence.

Each student has the opportunity for at least 1 hour of physical training every day in the Lyceum spaces (boxing, fitness, self-defense, mountaineering and gyms). All students participate in non-formal learning activities.

In order to consistently develop students’ competencies, the formal curriculum is linked with informal practical activities to deepen student achievement, using active teaching and learning methods and integrating classroom activities.

The student’s cognitive and cultural activities are an integral part of the educational process. The activities are related not only to the goals of the Lyceum, but also to the educational needs of the students. These activities are organized not only at the Lyceum, but also in other environments (museums, open access centers, educational partners of institutions, virtual learning environments).

The development of social experience at the Cadet Lyceum is based on the concept of land cadet education, as a practical implementation of the slogan “For the Benefit of the Homeland!”

Cadets have their own symbols – flag, oath, code of honor and uniform.

Students of the Cadet Lyceum purposefully choose to continue their studies at General Jonas Žemaitis Lithuanian Military Academy (LKA), Mykolas Romeris University (MRUNI), other universities, colleges, or go into professional military service.


Information updated: 2023-03-07